Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Bite of China, Different Delicacies!

Recently, a TV show named " A Bite of China" is very popular which attracts large audience at home and abroad. It is a 7-episode documentary series about Chinese culinary delicacies and since May 14, "A Bite of China" has been playing on China's state television broadcaster, China Central Television. The TV show " A Bite of China" has sparked the craze for different delicacies, at the same time, it has arouse the interest in Chinese culture and cuisine. It is a delightful journey of food and culture, leading people all over the world travelling across China, getting to know more about China.
You may have a glance at the Episode 1:

More video shows for "A Bite of China".
Every culture and nationality has its own share of mouthwatering delicacies. That's even true for single person, me has no exception.  I would like to show you some dishes. LOL~you know who is the big chef, yeah?

Carrot with fried meat and pepper

Chinese Soup Noodles with fried meat and Eggs
Eggs with Fried Meat and pepper
Shredded potatoes with meat and pepper

Kidney bean with fried meat and pepper