Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's Your Happiness?

Every day is a new beginning. No matter what happened before or what happens now and then, happiness depends on ourselves. 
I choose to be happy, so that I am trying to live mindfully and meaningfully. It is the greatest happiness to stay together with your beloved ones, your gentle parents, cute kids, considerate friends and your intimate special one. 
What's your option?
Just one thing to be kept in mind that Happiness depends on ourselves, by Aristotle


  1. Subhanallah ...
    It was a meaningful sentence from a phrase Heart Lulu for survivors who have started at Blogspot Of New Web google I was a survivor of the activity and have a nice day ...

    1. Yep~~
      That also means self-independence is of great importance.
      And I will try my best to survive as struggling as you did. :P
      Enjoy yourself!