Monday, June 4, 2012

Man in Black 3 Rocks!

My sister recommended MIB 3 to me for several times. But I was occupied with other stuffs in the last week. Finally, we made it! We went to see Men in Black 3 yesterday! I enjoyed it more than I had expected! Even though I had never watched MIB or MIB 2 before.

At first, we are a bit shocked by some cruel scenes. Then we got to know Agent K and Agent J. We could know what kind of persons are they from their behaviors. That is what we called first impression, I guess. They are men of responsibility and bravery!! Boris the animal flied back to the 1970s and killed Agent K. When that happened, no one know the existence of Agent K, except for Agent J, his 14-year partner! J succeeded in fly back to protect Agent K from being murdered by Boris.

Will Smith still keeps his unique style of humorous in imitating Agent K's smile. I couldn't help clapping hands for J's words when he met those two White Policemen. Yeah, there is nothing related with Black or White, who said that the Black could not afford buying a car and a nice suit? The prejudice do exist in 1970s, how about now and then? The equality of human rights should be protected. J did it right!

At the end of this movie, J eventually finds out that his father is a great man indeed. As Griffin said. "Where there is death, there will always be death." How could J know the one doomed to die is his father! That's why Griffin whisperers, "cherish your last moments being together."

Both of us were deeply moved by this ending. Who knows what will happen in the MIB 4? That is another story...

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